Season 2 Will It Happens? Classroom of The Elite

Classroom of The Elite season 2

When talking about the chances of Season two for the classroom of the elite, there are some interesting things to discuss the topic as a whole. And it is a topic that I’ve spoken about a couple of times on the channel, particularly discussing should there be a season to or a remake, because when looking at the first season of Classroom of the Elite, there are some noticeable differences between the anime and the novel, which was why it got such a backlash from the Japanese fan base

When the Classroom of The Elite came out. A lot of Japanese fans were not happy with how the anime transpired. And that’s why I emphasize in Japanese because the Western fans didn’t know there was much of a difference until they got into the light novels itself.

Classroom of The Elite English release

When the legal English release came out, though, there are some interesting things to kind of discussion on this, because one of the things that I’ve been sent is a Season two trailer, and this is where a lot of people got caught off guard, is that there is a second-year trailer for the light novels and some YouTube is put season two on it and it’s just the trailer for the line. Almost a lot of people thought that that was an official announcement of season two.

That was where there was this big confusion. People were kind of a mess. Lincoln had gone, oh, my God, this is season two trailer, when in fact, it was just the light novel giving a trailer for the second year for the students. One of the other things to also note is that there has been some severe amount of clickbait.

And even with everything we know so far about the anime and how it wasn’t well received and that the chances of a season to very slim to none because of how poorly received was from the Japanese fanbase and how they boycotted it, which put it to bed in the sense of a season two because the Japanese fanbase did not want to pass over that.

There are still some websites claiming that it’s coming out soon. One of the newest ones is that they say season two is expected release around September of twenty and the official release date is yet to be revealed. One of the things I find agitated about these websites is that they need to say that it is or is not announced. All they say is that the official release date is yet to be revealed. And anyone reading that from a first glance when you Google search, which is generally where most people find fake information, is from Google search, they would think, well, clearly it’s been announced, but it hasn’t been given a release date.

And, no, it hasn’t even been announced. And that is why it’s such a clever way of framing the wording, because, as I just said, they got the official release date is yet to be reviewed. They’re neither saying that it is or is not announced. They just merely saying that there’s no release date. And that’s how they get away with saying, well, we didn’t lie, but they framed it in such away.

And I know that’s a little bit ranty, but I just want to kind of give you the view as a bit more tools of understanding how these websites trick most readers from falling for this stuff. And trust me, I’ve been a victim to it as well. It’s why over time I’ve gotten a lot more clever at kind of picking up on these things of how these websites do it and all websites are bad.

But I’m sorry, but the vast majority of them are really bad. And one of the other bad things about it, though, too, is that they regurgitate each other’s information and end up repeating each other. One of the other things they also do is go to the latest rumors and speculation or fan speculation, and they love to use the word rumors and fan speculation as a way to kind of scapegoat them making stuff up. But again, I don’t want to read too much.

I just want to be very clear on that fake bit of information as far as the chance of a season to go. As I mentioned before, the DVD and Blu ray sales did not do good for when it came out, even though DVD and Blu ray sales aren’t as important as they used to be. I mean, I just read an article yesterday that the sales for Blu-ray DVDs dropped by quite a significant percentage over the last quarter. That could be for several reasons for people just not going out.

But it does seem to be that streaming platforms are on a general trend upwards and probably will continue to do so with the fact that the Japanese fanbase boycotted the first season of it and was not happy with how the anime transpired, the chances of a season to a very, very slim.

I would like them to do a remake and follow the light novels properly. But the fact that the Classroom of The Elite is as young as it is in its lifespan, I don’t see that being the case either. Maybe down in the future, they could re going back into it. I don’t see them doing a season two and trying to retcon some of the stuff out of season one. That’s just too much of a hassle. If it was maybe a couple of episodes, they can retcon at the end maybe.

But there are some fundamental changes that they would have to do to the store. It’s just a lot of work that the studio would have to do to fix those issues.

So, again, as much as I would love to see more classrooms of the elite, I just don’t see that being the case. I would highly recommend just going to the Light novels and reading the light novels if you want more of that story.


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