When Darling In The Franx Season 2 Will Be Released? (2020 updates)

How long has it been since this Darling In The Franx premiered, 2 years, it was released in winter of 2018 and there were 24 episodes in total, but a second Darling In The Franx Season 2 of this series is all its fans are waiting for. And recently, a few of you have been asking the same question again and again. Where is Darling In The Franx Season 2? Will it even happen or not? So I have done some research and found out that there is no official confirmation about a new season from this anime production company

They have not announced anything about Darling In The Franx Season 2. So it’s clear that there is no official release date for it yet. But even though there is no official confirmation, does that mean a second season for this anime is impossible?

No, it’s not. It has happened in the past many times that fans got the second season of their favorite anime even five or six years later after the release of the first season. But it obviously depends on how successful the Darling In The Franx previous season has been.
I am going to talk about the possibilities of getting Darling In The Franx Season 2.

Darling in the Franck’s was a collaboration between Studio Trigger and Clover Works, the manga of this series actually got adopted later. As far as I know, there are a total of seven volumes in the manga with 60 chapters. The manga just ended this year. I don’t know if you guys know it.

The manga had a different ending compared to the anime version. While in the anime, both zero and zero died, sacrificing themselves to save their friends and planet and got reincarnated into human children.1000 years later, in the manga, they survived the final battle and swore to be with each other forever.

So about a Darling In The Franx Season 2, I would say what they could do is either remake the anime and be entirely faithful to the plot of the manga, because this is what most of the fans would like to see. Believe me, or. There’s another option they could just make A few specials are Auvers or a movie adapting the last five chapters from the manga so that fans could watch the original anime to a certain point and then watch the movie or Auvers, which would have the alternate ending.

If they could do that, that would leave enough room to progress the story a little further, making a new season possible. And if I talk about how popular or successful Darling In The Franx anime and the manga have been, it has got a huge fan base with a very good rating in all the review sites that streamed on both Crunchyroll and Funimation. According to Anime News Network, the manga has sold more than 400000 copies in Japan.

The success of the manga could potentially drive new demand for a second season. And as there were two studios working in the production for the first season, there is a higher chance that the anime could be renewed by one studio if the other decides against it. So looking at all the points I have mentioned earlier, I would say a new season for this series is not totally impossible, cause if they want, they could also do a prequel

as we have seen at the end of the anime, that the main villain has promised to return one day. That left a hint that we may get Darling In The Franx Season 2 in the near future where they will pick up the story after the events of the reincarnation of Hero and zero two. So there are many ways we could get a new season of the series, but it fully depends on the production company.


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