When One Punch Man Season 3 Will Be Released? (2020 updates)

There have been a lot of rumors going on about one punch man season 3 so, we will be clearing all these rumors and we’ll be discussing the possible release time of this season

Well, the problem is that one punch man season 3 didn’t get officially announced yet in 2020. I heard that many people believe that one punch man season 2 was a disaster. So there won’t be a continuation. But that’s not actually the case. In season 2, the anime studio may not gain enough profit as much as season 1, but it was fair enough. And the main reason for not having one punch man season 3 is the lack of enough source material.

The newcomers who are saying that covid-19 delayed the release of one punch man season 3, they don’t know what they are talking about, because between season one and season two, there was a gap of four years during that time. Was there another pandemic to blame?

The answer is straight. No. So covid-19 hasn’t affected the release of one punch man season 3. It’s just that there wasn’t enough source material, to begin with. I have read all the manga chapters from where season two ended, And here’s all the info I have:

Season one of One Punch Man adapted 37 chapters from the manga and Season two adapted 48 chapters. It has finished Chapter 85 and the manga is currently ongoing. In total, 134 chapters have been released. That means for one punch man season 3 we have 50 chapters left. But this just happened recently.

And again, one punch man manga chapter doesn’t release regularly. Sometimes they release one chapter per week, sometimes one for two weeks, and even sometimes one chapter in a month. Previously, a while ago, the number of chapters wasn’t enough, but now it has enough source material. So I think the animation studio can start their work for season three.

Season two was animated by JSI Stuff Anime Studio. Let’s take a look on the upcoming works of JSI Stuff Anime Studio. As you guys can see in the picture that this year JSI stuff will be animating. Dan Macci, season three and another anime movie. And for next year they have plans for working on two anime series and two and a movie.

So the anime studio will be very busy for the rest of this year and also for the next year, 2021. Depending on all these circumstances, I don’t think that we will be getting one punch man season 3 soon, let alone 2020. I don’t think we will have Season three in 2021 because there is not even any announcement of season three. may even come out one year after its announcement. So even if the official announcement of season three comes out in 2021, my assumption is that we will be getting season three in 2022.

Season one and two had four years between each other. So for season three, you guys can wait. Right?

Let’s have some patience. But if you can’t wait for season three like me, then I will suggest to you to read the manga from Chapter 86. That’s where season two ended. Therefore, the summary is that there is enough source material now for another season. So even if JSI stuff anime studio starts animating season three, we at least have to wait one more year. It means we can hope to get season three in 2022. I hope this information has given you guys an idea about the possible release date.

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