Will No game No Life Season 2 Be Released?

No game no life is one of the most popular Ishioka anime with great art and animation. So why is there no sequel so far? and will we ever get no game no life season 2?

Without season 2 we will never get to know what will happen in the story after season one. The only way to learn that without another season would be to check out the light novels. But most people will never do that. Watching anime is just much more satisfying. The problem is that no game no life season 2 didn’t get officially announced yet. The possibility of a new season depends on three parts. These are source material, popularity and sales.

at first. Let’s talk about its source material. There are currently 10 light novel volumes of no game no life released in Japan, no game no life. Also has 2 manga series based on the Light novels series. The Light novels are still ongoing. The latest volume was released in Japan on January 25th, 2018. The first season of this anime that aired in 2014 adapted volumes one to three.

That means light novel Volume four continues after the anime, which indicates that there is enough source material left for no game no life season 2. 

Now let’s talk about sales and profit information for no game no life Season 2. If the profit is not enough from season one in the first place, then there would be no reason for the production committee to make a season two in case of this anime. It got released on six discs in Japan and each sold on average around 9000 copies.

Most anime series that sell close to 10000 have an excellent chance to get a continuation, That means Blu-ray sales were good too.

About the light novel sales volume nine of No Game No Life was released on August 25th 2016, and sold approximately 160000 copies. The latest light novel Volume 10 that got released in 2018 sold around 170000 copies. 

The Light novels aren’t a big moneymaker for no gain, no life, but they are still outstanding. So the franchise is making a lot of money and I don’t see any reason for not getting no game no life season 2 due to lack of money.That means no game no life Season 2 is not losing money unless the popularity dropped for the franchise. 

Let’s talk about its popularity then. There is no point in making another season of anime that can’t get more popular or doesn’t have enough big fan base, no game no life Popularity peaked in 2014 and after that it just keeps dropping. The movie did bump the Google searches, but to only 32% of what it was at the peak.

The current searches are about 10% of what it was in 2014. The official website for No Game No Life was last updated in 2018. The official Twitter account for this franchise with 120000 followers did tweet last time in March 2020 about no game no life anime on a Bema TV, the series is still popular and the movie helped boost it. Still, if there is one thing that concerns me, it’s the light novels in their release speed.

The release speed is awful with just two new volumes in the past four years. I hope 2020 will look better for the light novels. 

If everything is almost fine, then why is there no game no life season 2?.

It’s rather safe to say that No Game No Life is a popular series that made a lot of money for the production committee. As I said previously, there was in season two announced for no game no life after the first season because of the light novels and not profit or popularity.

The decision to make the movie must have occurred in early 2015, and that’s because at that time there wasn’t enough source material to continue the anime, Only six volumes were released and the last one was a prequel story. The author has some health problems, too. That’s why the release speed is so slow for the light novels. 

Now let’s come to the conclusion. Will there be no game no life season 2?

I think no game no life season 2 is just a matter of time, It wouldn’t surprise me if Season two got an announcement next year or 2022, and there a year later there is now enough source material for continuing the anime. So that is not the problem. If you ask why it takes so long for a sequel, it’s because anime studios are busy these days including Studio Madhouse. So we just have to be patient for a new season

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