Will Noragami Season 3 Be Released?

Noragami season one was released in 2014, and the second season was released one year later in 2015, while the first season had 12 episodes, the second season had 13 episodes and there are a few overs which released just after the release of the first and second season. So far, there has been no official announcement about the Noragami season 3 for this series, but that doesn’t mean we will never get a new Noragami season!, It has happened in the past many times that we got a new season of our favorite anime even after six or seven years later from the release of the previous season in order to know if we ever going to have a new season of any anime, I always prefer looking at the source material.

So first I am going to talk about the manga and then I will talk about how popular and successful the previous Noragami seasons have been. The good news is the manga is still ongoing. There are currently 22 volumes, with 87 chapters of manga released by now, and the English version Vol. 22 is probably scheduled for this November.

While the first Noragami season covered the first 12 chapters from volume one to volume four the second Noragami season, covered from Chapter 13 of Volume four to around somewhere Chapter 35 of Vol10. So even after the release of the first two Noragami seasons, there’s still enough source material available that could be used for a new season. The manga is still ongoing and around 12 volumes of it are still unused, which should be enough to make not only Noragami season 3 but also season 4. Then there is also a special manga called Stray Stories, which is a spinoff and has got two volumes.

And if I talk about how popular or successful the anime and the manga have been, it has got a huge fan base with a very good rating in all the review sites that streamed Noragami seasons 1 and 2 on both Netflix and Funimation, even though it is only the first season that is available on Netflix I think.

I don’t want to talk about sales because I am not sure about it. But I think both the and the man, the Noragami’shad a pretty decent sale.

So looking at all the points I have mentioned earlier, I would say a new season for this series is not totally impossible. And the second season of the anime didn’t have a concrete ending, which leads to many speculations that Noragami season 3 will have a new storyline with great adventures. But it fully depends on the production company if we will ever get a new season for the series or not.

There has been no official confirmation, neither about a new season for the series nor its release date. If you see anywhere claiming that the third season of Nora game is coming out in 2021, that is not actually true cause I have checked all of their official sites, but there is no sign of it.

However, if we get any latest updates on it, we will let you guys know immediately.


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