Will Overlord Season 4 Be Released? Find Out Now !!

Overlord Season 4 release date

In my opinion, I may be wrong. But again, it is merely just my thoughts on the situation and how I think things could turn out if Overlord Season 4 is announced. And I do believe that Season 5 would follow as well behind it. And I still truly believe in that.

I see this kind of a lot of people say, “well, season one came in 2015. Second came out in 2018 There’s a three-year gap. So clearly it’s going to come out three years after S3. So Overlord Season 4 it’s going to be next year”. And I think that’s a very sort of narrow-minded way of looking at things. Again, the realization of Overlord Season 4 depending on different situations depends on contracts, timeline studios, the writer, and also the source material itself.

Why We Should Have Overlord Season 4 and Season 5?

Overlord Season 4 episode 1

My overall opinion on it, and I’ve always kind of stuck very firmly to this, is that I believe that if they’re going to do Overlord Season 4, they’re going to need to do a season 5 at the same time. And the reason why I say season 5 is because I don’t believe they’re going to make season 4 (twenty-four to twenty-six) episodes long.

I believe they’re just going to do what they did with overlord S2 two and S3, where they just basically do 13 episodes each and put a three-month gap between and sell them separately.

Are The Light Novel Volumes Enough For Releasing Overlord Season 4 And S5?

when Overlord Season 4 will be released

Overlord S2/S3 did a better result in sales. They did sell a light novel with one of those for the Japanese, only the English. We didn’t get that bonus. But for the Japanese fans, they got a special bonus Evaline Light novel.
we’ve got volumes 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14, Those are the volumes out right now, there are three more volumes to come out and the author has confirmed it, there are only three more volumes. It’s going to be ending at volume 17 and that’s that. I know that’s disappointing, but it is what it is.

So counting what volumes we have available, there is Enough source material, but I feel like they would scrap a lot of that and then end up sort of splitting the Holy Kingdom up between Overlord Season 4 and Season 5, which wouldn’t be bad as long as there’s a three-month gap.

When We Will Catch The Japanese Fans (Novel Volumes)?

 Overlord Season 4  update

We currently only have Volume 12 for English legal release. It seems to me we are going to be catching up with the Japanese fans when it comes to novels. I expect it is a matter of how long the author takes to release the light novels.

It takes him up to a year and a half to release another novel, which is why if we were to wait for another novel before we see Overlord Season 4 and season 5, we could be waiting up for another two years from this point onwards, simply for the fact of how slow the author can be on his novel releases.

Overlord Season 4 release date news

It could be for one year. It could be in two years. It’s not good to sort of guess with him because he can take a long time to do these things. But at the same time, the reward is, is the light novels are very, very fake. But in his latest novel, you can see that he has picked up the pace on the story and he is starting to rush it a little bit. It’s the note.

I know some people might not like that opinion, but when reading the latest volume, I could see that he was trying to tie off a lot of loose knots very quickly. And I think that might become a bigger issue in the next three volumes to come when he’s really trying to finish off some major plot points to do with the elven kingdom and then, of course, the slave theocracy. Those two, I think, are going to be two major plot points that he’s going to definitely try and tie up quite quickly.

But again, that is what it is as far as a prediction goes. do you know any Overlord fans that might love reading this posted? SHARE IT with THEM to SPREAD the knowledge!.


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