Top 10 Harem Anime: MC Surrounded By Cute Girls!!

Many Fans of Cute Girls Characters in Anime series like to watch Harem Anime, In this list we present for you the top 10 Top 10 Harem Anime where The Main Character Is Surrounded By Cute Girls!!

list of Top 10 Harem Anime.

10- In A Different World With My Smartphone.

Top 10 Harem Anime

Number 10 in the Harem Anime Anime List is In A Different World With My Smartphone. After dying as a result of god’s mistake the main character finds itself in a parallel world where he begins a second life. His only possessions are the body that God gave back to him and a smartphone that works even in this New World. 

As he meets all kinds of new people and forgets the friendships, he ends up learning the secret to the world inherits the legacy of an ancient civilization, and works together with the kings of some very laid back countries on this carefree travels through this New World. Thanks. 

9-  The Master Of Ragnarok & Blesser Of Einherjar.

Top 10 Harem Anime to watch

Number 9 in the Harem Anime Anime List is The Master Of Ragnarok & Blesser Of Einherjar. Yuto suo is a boy from modern times who accidentally ended up in the warring world of Jukaso, in a world where various clans fight for supremacy and survival of the fittest rule supreme, Yuto managed using modern knowledge as a weapon and the age of 16 managed to become a patriarch with a force of thousands.

Welcome to an exhilarating battle fantasy chronicle about a young man who became a king and a parallel world, and the beautiful battle maidens who swore absolute fealty to him. 

8- Death March To The Parallel world Rhapsody. 

Top 5 Harem Anime live now!!

Number 8 in the Harem Anime Anime List is Death March To The Parallel world Rhapsody. Sato is a programmer in the middle of a death March he was supposed to be taking a nap but somehow wakes up in another world, what lies before him it looks like the menu screen of the game he was working on before his nap. 

He is at a complete beginner stage at level one, however, he has yes 3 meteor showers which could level a whole map. Suddenly a whole group of lizardmen appears in front of him in order to survive. Sato uses a meteor shower, his level jumps to 310 and he becomes extremely wealthy. Whether it be a dream or a reality, Sato’s journey was now beginning. 

7- Hundred.

Number 7 in the Harem Anime Anime List is Hundred. The only weapon capable of fighting the savage’s mysterious lifeforms attacking earth, Hayato enters the battleship university a little garden in hopes of becoming a slayer, but his roommate the mill crossbow who seems to know a lot about some reason, awakens a sort of unsettling nostalgia with him. 

What’s more, right after he joined the school the strongest slayer at the little garden the queen Claire Harvey challenges him to a duel. 

6- the Asterisk War.

Number 6 in the Harem Anime Anime List is the Asterisk War. Upon Rica, the academy city above water, or what many call the asterisk students of the 6 schools to prepare for the Fasta these annual comprehensive battle tournaments are held on a worldwide scale, and each of the 6 schools places their hopes and their team to bring them victory.

In the Phoenix Festa, tag team battle category, Satoka academies Ayatollah onigiri takes up the challenge along with his partner Uli’s the witch of the resplendent flames. 

5- Tenchi Muyo War on Germinare. 

Number 5 in the Harem Anime Anime List is Tenchi Muyo War on Germinare. Young Tenchi Tenchi Muyo has its hand’s full catering to the whims of an entire academy of over 6 school girls, but its darkness looms on the horizon that will soon pass life into chaos, the mysterious and enchanting all controlled from afar by a power-hungry madman, leads an unthinkable invasion that attacks the new while students of the academy from inside its once protective walls. 

To save the baby of galactic playmates, Tenchi must now summon the power of the sacred mechanoid and fight to preserve peace in a world that hovers on the brink of destruction. Should he survive? Tenchi Muyo will be marked by a horde of calm coeds who want to make the hero their husband. 

4- Blade Dance Of The Elementalers.

Top 3 Harem Anime to watch

Number 4 in the Harem Anime Anime List is Blade Dance Of The Elementalers. Only if a pure maiden can have the privilege to contact the spirit. Priestesses who can summon spirits from astral zero the world of spirits and have full command with it are called Elementalist.

Kamito Kazehaya is the only male with this privilege and due to what happened in the past he comes to Orita Spirit Academy where priestesses are trained to become Elementalist.

 He is then told that he has to transfer to the school’s former team with priestesses to compete in blade dance where the most powerful Elementalist is chosen. 

3- Dragonar Academy.

Top 5 Harem Anime streaming now

Number 3 in the Harem Anime Anime List is Dragonar Academy. Learning to ride and tame dragons comes easier for most students, except for first-year students ash Blake, who is known by fellow classmates as the number one problem child.

For ashes a laughing stock at school because despite his own fashionably large star-shaped brand that marks him as a future dragon master, he has nothing to show for it his dragon has never appeared until now.

That is one fateful day ashe’s dragon awakes in full glory, But appears different than any dragon ever seen before, in the form of a beautiful girl what’s worse Ashton discovers that this new dragon has the attitude to spare and she promptly informs him that she is the master and he is the servant. Ashe’st problems with dragon reading have only just begun. 

2- Date A Live.

watch Top 10 Harem Anime

Number 2 in the Harem Anime Anime List is Date A Live. Shidou Itsuka was born in a world where widespread catastrophes of varying size called space quakes, basically can happen anytime and anywhere raising everything in the vicinity.

When his city is alerted, the teenager races to sister Custody in an attempt to rescue her. But upon his arrival, the space quake transpires in that very spot, and standing in the middle of the destruction is a beautiful sword-wielding girl. 

Soon after he learns she is one of many beings called spirits who caused the disasters and charming those like her, is a solution to preventing them effective immediately, Shido must date spirits and make them fall in love with him, Because If you cannot, mankind’s destruction may very well be inevitable. 

1- Rosario + Vampire.

Number 1 in the Harem Anime Anime List is Rosario + Vampire. 15-year-old student Tsukune is average in every way he has no hobbies, low grades and even he flunked his high school entrance exam.

His parents have managed to enroll in the school but it’s no ordinary school, Tsukune will be attending the yokai academy, a place where monsters learn how to coexist with humans as the werewolves, vampires, witches, and other monsters are required to retain their human forms, Tsukune the lonely human is able to avoid the bloodthirsty gazes. 

However he quickly attracts the attention of a number of devilish duties including the vampire mocha a young witch, it seems that Tsukune average life isn’t so average anymore

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