Top 10 NEW Anime Season This Fall !!

With each new year comes a Bunch of NEW Anime Season that either continue their former series with New Seasons or spawn new anime that introduces us to some new characters. This year’s fall seems to be a mixture of both. On the one side, you’ve got some new anime that has some really interesting premises. And on the sequel side, you’ve got several popular anime arriving at their mind-blowing climaxes or finishing off with a climactic conclusion, we gonna present you list of Top 10 New Anime Season This November !!.

Liste Of Top 10 NEW Anime Season

10- Noblesse.

New Anime Season

Number 10 in the New Anime Season is Noblesse. In an era where Tower of God and God of high school is hitting the top charts, it’s no surprise that studios are willing to add that more anime that’s sprung from Webtoons noblesse is adapted from the South Korean Manhua and tells the story of a powerful noble named caddis etrama de Rizal. 

One day he wakes up in an abandoned building without any memory at all, and he soon joins with his servant Frankenstein and several of his school friends on a journey to find out about his own past life.

They also get tangled in other mysteries of the world along with their search, and the manhua later ties into a much larger plot using the mysteries in each arc. It is one of those interesting Munhua passed under the radar of many fans, and it has a story that can definitely keep you hooked through its entire season. 

9- Moriarty The Patriot.

top New Anime Season

Number 9 in the New Anime Season is Moriarty The Patriot. Moriarty The Patriot tells the story of Holmes’s favorite rival showing his side of things and how he became the prodigy He was then, similar to Holmes. He starts his own detective agency and helps others solve crimes that at first seem complex. If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, then without a doubt this series is for you. 

It is amazing how they created the character of Moriarty in a way to suit the tastes of both Sherlock Holmes fans and Western anime fans. The spotlight of the main character is changed. And get ready to see London in the eyes of the villain Arthur Conan Doyle. 

8- our last crusade or the rise of a new world.

Number 8 in the New Anime Season is our last crusade or the rise of a new world. If you want an anime similar to a great young adult fantasy book, then our last crusade or the rise of a new world is the anime you should be most excited about this fall. Yes, judging by the name itself, you can tell it is adapted from a light novel, but it actually builds a credible fantasy world and creates some fascinating characters, and builds tension through their opposite ideals. 

It is about a boy named Isca and a girl named Alice Alice, who are in a world shattered by the war between two forces, the empire and nebulous sovereignty.

Iska’s Ambition is to fight and prevent the war, while Alice Alice least wants to destroy the empire and unite the world under the banner of nebulous sovereignty, the 2 clashes with their ideals, forcing each other to acknowledge their own. And even if their brawls heard, you can sure be hyped about their adventures.

7- Ikebukuro West Gate Park.

Number 7 in the New Anime Season is Ikebukuro West Gate Park. Moriarty isn’t the only mystery show this season, coming early this fall. You’ve got Ikebukuro West Gate Park, a show that deals both with mystery and suspense. Ikebukuro is an anime about a 20-year-old teenager named Makoto who always gets involved in dangerous situations in Ikebukuro city, along with his friends Shun Masa and Takashi. It loosely follows the story arcs of the novel it is based on, with the show writers also adding their new twists and turns to it.

Mystery fans will surely enjoy the series as it delivers some of the best mystery in any anime. If you want some gang wars, mysteries, and some regular teenage hype, then give this one a go. 

6- The Journey of Elena.

Number 6 in the New Anime Season is The Journey of Elena. Meanwhile, on the adventure anime corner, we’ve got the journey of Elena, if you want to follow the adventures of a cute white-haired, which then add this one to the watch list without further weight. If you want the synopsis in a single sentence, there’s a witch named Elena who had a long ambition to travel around the world. And in this anime series, she finally does that. Yes, it’s that simple. 

The story is straightforward and unlike most fantasy, anime doesn’t involve wars and tragic character deaths and its premise. But this story can be really interesting because of its pacing, the world around Elena is shown through the story as she gets involved with different characters in their struggles. And as you move along in the anime, you can see how Elena develops as a character from all the adventures. 

5- Assault Lily Bouquet.

Number 5 in the New Anime Season is Assault Lily Bouquet. Anime is evolving from everything these days, and it won’t be a surprise for you if I mention assault Lily Bouquet sprang out from a famous toy line. It first evolved into a light novel series that was well-received in Japan. And then Studio Schaff took matters into their own hands and decided to create an anime original series.

It happens in a dystopian world where mankind is attacked by mysterious creatures known as huge to defend humanity from these creatures, They have introduced a technology that is a mix of magic and science known as charm. Charm can only be operated by young girls, and the Gardens is a place that teaches these young girls how to use their weapons.

The anime follows a group of girls who joins the garden if you want the plot. In short, imagine an attack on Titan being adapted by Disney as a girl. 


Top 3 New Anime Season 2021

Number 4 in the New Anime Season is IWA KAKERA SPORTS CLIMBING GIRLS. We’ve got magical girls, girls in the gym doing bodybuilding girls and competing for swimming competitions. So what are we missing?, Sports climbing girls, Of course, this anime follows Lanomi Kasahara, who is good at puzzles and puzzle related competitions. One day she finds the sport climbing club at her school and becomes fascinated with the idea of climbing. She soon joins the club and meets some new faces, and together they decide to excel in the sport. I know the premise won’t be as compelling as many sports anime out there, but if you want some cute girls doing sports instead of lifting dumbbells, then add this anime to your watch list.


Top 5 New Anime Season 2020

Number 3 in the New Anime Season is ADACHI AND SHIMAMURA. Along with every anime season comes to a good slice of life show, and it can either be a simple adventure anime that hits your heart or a love story that makes you remember why we all love anime

In this season at Adachi And Shimamura is the show that takes the slice of life spot in our anime list. It’s about a girl called Adachi who is best friends with Shimamura. But in a dream, she witnesses kissing Shimamura. She soon begins to doubt her friendship.

What Shimamura as she is overwhelmed by the feelings of love behind all of that slice of life. Adachi and Shimamura is an anime about coming to terms with your sexuality and relationships. It broaches over some heavy topics, but above everything else, it’s about the love story of two girls 

2- EX arm. 

Top 3 New Anime Season 2020

Number 2 in the New Anime Season is EX arm. we have Psychopaths meeting Ghost in the Shell More or less likely because x-arm talks about police hunts feature cyber crimes and artificial intelligence in a whole new way.

To give a brief about the synopsis, it’s about a boy called Akira suddenly dying in an accident, only to be awoken several years later as a completely autonomous artificial intelligence and superweapon knew as X arm. If not obvious, it’s a science fiction anime series with genetically enhanced cyborgs, androids, and of course technological heist’s 


Top 10 New Anime Season 2021

Number 1 in the New Anime Season is TO YOUR ETERNITY. There are shows that drive you crazy with hype and then there are shows that make you binge-watch them because of the empathy we developed towards the characters. To Your Eternity follows a mysterious immortal creature named Fushi, He is sent to Earth with no memory, no identity, or no goals for his life.

He shapeshifts into objects as well as animals and is the last shapeshifting makes him a dying wolf.

Here he meets a boy who is alone and it doesn’t take long for the two to strike a bond. It doesn’t have action or plot twists that will.

It doesn’t have action or plot twist that will blow your head away but it will hit closer to your heart as it deals with the issue of what loneliness actually means and how to cope with it.


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