Top 10 Upcoming Anime Airing This December !!

A Lot of Anime series was programmed for 2020, But Due to covid 19 many Were canceled, The good News is: Top 10 Upcoming Anime Airing This December You must watch them !!

List of Top 10 Upcoming Anime This December

10- YASHAHIME. Princess Half-Demon.

Number 10 in the Upcoming Anime List is YASHAHIME. Princess Half-Demon. Were you a fan of Inuyasha back when it was released, if you haven’t been since we heard from it, but this fall we are getting an anime spin-off of the popular title it is about the adventures of the daughter of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha.

Toa and her sister satsuma are separated by a forest fire and toa is sent to modern-day Japan the two sisters are reunited after several years but satsuma has lost her memory of the incident that happened years ago they are joined by Martha the daughter of Inuyasha and the anime follows their adventures as they try to find their hidden past

9- Jujutsu Kaisen.

Number 9 in the Upcoming Anime List is Jujutsu Kaisen. Even This season’s supernatural anime award should go to jujitsu kaisen, it is about Yuji Itador, an unnaturally talented boy living with his grandfather. Even though he has an innate talent for sports he joins the occult club so he can enjoy his free time, but things change as he meets a sorcerer named Megumi Fushiguro who warns about a cursed talisman he possesses.

But this talisman seems to be a bigger challenge than it seemed and to protect his friends usually swallows it. Now with the host of the Sakuna released from this talisman residing within him, Yuji becomes a target of many sorcerers as everyone tries to exercise them.

Jujitsu kaizen knows how to deliver a great supernatural mystery show combined with its regular high school and magic setting. It has one of those unique premises and it will definitely be a show to keep you hooked through its season.

8- Irregular At magic High School.

Number 8 in the Upcoming Anime List is irregular at magic high school. the overpowered Big Brother is coming back again to show everyone in the academy how powerful he is. For the people who are unaware, this anime is about the life of a boy named Tatsuya who goes into a magical academy as a bodyguard for his sister Miyuki.

Tatsuya is considered powerless compared to his sister but as he unveils his own attacks and tricks using technical knowledge and unique magic techniques he slowly turns to the irregular of the academy the second season adapts the visitor arc of the light novel with the introduction of several new characters as well as some deep diving to its complex magic system

And of course, the anime season wouldn’t be complete without Tatsuya overpowering every other character in the anime.

7- Toni Kuku kawaii. Over The Moon For You.

Number 7 in the Upcoming Anime List is Toni Kuku kawaii. Over The Moon For You. also known as fly me to the moon, this anime may be the rent a girlfriend of this season. It happens when the boy is almost killed by our always favorite truck but at the last moment is saved by a beautiful girl, no and that won’t happen in the real world.

Anyways our protagonist Naza Yuzaki confesses to her and the girl agrees to be his girlfriend only if he marries her. That’s not the weird part it comes when the girl appears at his doorstep on his eighteenth birthday with a marriage form. Of course, things aren’t that easy.

The anime follows their struggles as they try to develop their rather weirdly started relationship while many other girls also compete for the attention of Naza. If you want a good romance anime I think you should definitely have this on your watch list.

6- Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon.

Number 6 in the Upcoming Anime List is Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon. Of course, the season wouldn’t be complete without an anime adaptation from a light novel with a really long name. Well if the name is too long you may remember it as the anime called Danmachi.

The first season followed the story of a boy named Belle Carnell chosen by the goddess Hestia the protected dungeon. But in the third season, things move into the climax as we meet a mysterious new god who is manipulating the characters according to his own wishes.

The previous cast returns back with also some addition of new characters like aikelos and bell faces more challenges as he tries to adapt to new life. It’s one of those isekai that doesn’t always rely on the troops the genre has built so far and of course, you’ve got bells harem as a bonus if you need it.

5- Golden Kamuy Season 3

Upcoming Anime in fall 2020

Number 5 in the Upcoming Anime List is Golden Kamuy Season 3 Even though it has reached its third season, golden kamuy is still one of the least talk series among the fandoms it is surprising because the series is honestly what I would label as a perfect anime it is based on the manga of the same name in the third season adopts the rest of its source material.

For those who don’t know this anime follows the story of the aforementioned Saichi Sugimoto, a man who spends time as a minor after the Russo Japanese war but later joins with a girl named Aserpa in search of a vast amount of gold hidden by the AINU people.
In this new season, Saichi will be searching for aserpa while her father’s true motives are slowly revealed, as I mentioned this has some nice action blended in with mystery so you won’t regret checking this one out.

4- Haikyuu To The Top 2ND Cour.

Top 10 Upcoming Anime in december 2020

Number 4 in the Upcoming Anime List is Haikyuu To The Top 2ND Cour. The anime adaptation of the popular shonen manga returns back with its second season bringing back its fair share of sports and adrenaline. The original Haikyuu storyline was about a boy named Shoyo Hinata, who is obsessed with volleyball and later makes his own club to prepare for a tournament.

Along his way, he meets the genius named Kagayama and ends up getting together to bring back the name of their fallen volleyball team. The new season got delayed due to the covert pandemic but it’s returning this fall and the sports anime fans can finally have their fair share of volleyball this year.

3- Demon Slayer. Kimetsu no Yaiba The Movie.

Top 5 Upcoming Anime in december 2020

Number 3 in the Upcoming Anime List is Demon Slayer. Kimetsu no Yaiba The Movie the most anticipated anime movie this fall demon slayer Mugen train. The widely popular anime returns back again with its own movie as Tanjiro and his team now boards Mugen train along with the flame hashira he was Goku.

Their purpose is to discover the mysterious disappearances happening inside the train and little do they know there is one of the 12 Kazuki named ENMU waiting to spring his trap for them. The Mugen train arc is one of the most popular arcs in the manga so if you are an anime watcher we’re sure this will resonate with you and of course, it’s animated by ufotable, so expect some gorgeous visuals and some battle scenes that will completely blow your mind.

2- Higurashi Remake.

top 3 Upcoming Anime in december 2020

Number 2 in the Upcoming Anime List is Higurashi Remake. As an original Higurashi fan who got nail-biting horror or nail removing horror, the Higurashi remake was one of the best news I heard this season, the original anime followed Keiji malibara, a boy who moves into the hinamizawa village and gets linked to a mystery that has been plaguing the village for 5 years.

Every year at the watanagashi festival 2 villagers disappear, one missing and the other dead. Keichi soon learns that his 4 friends are linked to the mystery and gets dragged into a series of murders and psychological tortures that no one would ever wish to experience. The remake has a bit of a different art style compared to the original anime but by the looks of the trailer, I do hope it will do the original visual novel justice.

so lock your doors, close the curtains and keep all the lights on because you’re up for some genuine horror this fall.

1- Attack On Titan. season 4.

Upcoming Anime in december 2020

Number 1 in the Upcoming Anime List is Attack On Titan. season 4 How could I remove the most anticipated anime of this season no matter which anime forum or fandom you go to you’ll always find a group of Attack on Titan fans speaking of the return of Eren Jaeger who will, in turn, become one of the greatest anime characters of all time.

To keep this manga spoiler-free I’ll simply say that the fourth season is about the survey course attack on Marley along with everyone’s sweet revenge plot. The trailer also introduced the faces of several new characters and with studio Mapa taking the lead we can definitely expect some mind-blowing action along with some plot twists that will literally turn the community upside down in this new season of Attack on Titan.

So grab your Titan gear because this December you’re going to witness Eren Jaeger’s very final attack.


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