Top Adventure Fantasy Anime To Watch In 2021

Many Anime Fans like to watch Adventure Fantasy Anime, But some times they Don’t know them, so we gonna give you a list of Top 10 Adventure Fantasy Anime.

Liste Of Top 10 Adventure Fantasy Anime

10- Roka: Braves Of The Six Flowers.

Top Adventure Fantasy Anime

Number 10 in the Adventure Fantasy Anime is Roka: Braves Of The Six Flowers. Legend says when the evil god awakens from the deepest of darkness, The god a fate will someone six braves and grant them the power to save the world.

Adlai, who claims to be the strongest on the face of this earth is chosen as one of the brave 6 flowers. and sits out on a battle to prevent the resurrection of the evil god. However, it turns out that there are 7 braves who Gathered at the promised land.

9- The Sacred Blacksmith.

Top 10 Adventure Fantasy Anime

Number 9 in the Adventure Fantasy Anime is The Sacred Blacksmith. Cecily Campbell just wants to be a night to protect your home like her father and grandfather before her. There’s just one problem: she’s incompetent. During a fight with a crazed swordsman, Cecily’s shares blade brakes. And just as she’s about to be cut down a man named Luke comes to her rescue wielding a katana blade unlike any Cecily has seen before.

Together they must ensure that the demon sort area doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, and Cecily alone must prove herself worthy of her very own good Katana.

8- Maoyu: Archenemy & Hero.

Top 5 Adventure Fantasy Anime to watch

Number 8 in the Adventure Fantasy Anime is Maoyu: Archenemy & Hero. After many trials, the hero has reached his destination, the throne room of the demon king, where he hopes to end the war between the demon in human realms once and for all.

What he finds whoever is not at all what he expected the king of the demon is a woman and a bouncy one at that. What’s more, rather than fighting she wishes to engage him in dialogue. She explained that he never expected to succeed in his mission because the war is perpetuated by parties who profit from it every day.

Swayed by the arguments he makes a pact with her work toward both the world. Together they will better the lives of their people and create a world where war is no longer needed to ensure prosperity.

7- Lord Marksman and Vandis.

Top 3 Adventure Fantasy Anime to watch

Number 7 in the Adventure Fantasy Anime is Lord Marksman and Vandis. The young lord a remote region far from the kingdom center is commanded by the king to go fight the war against the neighboring country. The leader of the enemy is Eleonora Victoria, one of the 7 Venice given supernatural arms from a dragon. The moment when an archer boy and the silver-haired beautiful war maiden meet it is the beginning of the legend of a hero that will be told for generations to come.

6- Dog Days.

Top 10 Adventure Fantasy Anime to watch

Number 6 in the Adventure Fantasy Anime is Dog Days. In the magical land of flan yard, animal inhabitants battle each other for resources in harmless wargames, One region biscotti has fought valiantly but is on the verge of financial ruin when it’s princess Lily ori makes a decision. Shall summon champions who can fight their honor through a magical portal.

5- Grimms notes the animation.

 Adventure Fantasy Anime to watch

Number 5 in the Adventure Fantasy Anime is Grimms notes the animation. The game takes place in a world created by beings known as storytellers. At birth, all inhabitants of this world are bestowed with a book of fate where all their lives are ridden in advance.
However, rogue storytellers known as chaos tellers all writing bad events into people’s without knowing. It is up to the holders of blank books of fate to seek out the chaos tellers and restore the world.

4- Cerberus.

Number 4 in the Adventure Fantasy Anime is Cerberus. and magic rule in the continent of Cunha. Also residing there is the feared evil dragon “dragon soars”, an unstoppable force that leaves nothing but scorched land and destruction wherever he goes.

Heroes’ parents, vital and Kisame joined other sorcerers in a magic ritual 10 years ago in an attempt to steal. But they failed, after being rescued by a guru, the Young hero sets out to learn sword fighting so that he could avenge his parents.

3- Garo Animation.

Number 4 in the Adventure Fantasy Anime is Garo Animation. Mendoza the chief adviser of the king of Valiente begins a campaign to hunt down which resulting in the deaths of many magical knights and their sorceress assistance. Anna a sorceress married to the knight German Louise gives birth to a son before her execution.

German takes their child Leon and Flees raising him to be the heir of the legendary golden armor. By the time the young grows up, Valiante is completely in control of Mendoza who drives out prince Alfonso and his mother. Alfonso decides to seek out the man who inherited the golden armor to reclaim the throne

2- Chain Chronicle the Light of Haecceitas.

Number 2 in the Adventure Fantasy Anime is Chain Chronicle the Light of Haecceitas. This is the story of the chain chronicle, a book to describe everything that happens in the world. The citizens of the remote continent of Yeats, once thought that there was nothing beyond their continent.

The continent was divided into several regions each with its own king. always maintain balance. Until the evil black army arrived. The volunteer army led by Yuri was no match for the black. During the fighting, the lord of black captures half of the chain chronicle as well as the capital.

1- Sorcerous stabber orphan.

Number 1 in the Adventure Fantasy Anime is Sorcerous stabber orphan. In a world of magic and monsters. Halen his Foester. were once-promising students of sorcery Prodigy at the famous tower of fangs. But an experiment gone horribly wrong, warp’s azalea’s appearance trapping her in the form of a dragon Elders at the more interested in preserving their reputation as president the student’s lives. drives off the transformed azalea and covers up the incident. as a life. I was off the transformed daily and cover up the incident.

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